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Plan Designed With Cost In Mind

How does DuPage Dental Plan differ from Insurance?

DuPage Dental Plan is a savings plan and not a dental insurance, under this program, you are expected to pay dentists directly based on a discounted fee schedule. Unlike traditional dental insurance programs, there are no waiting periods and no annual maximums. Savings programs, such as DuPage Dental Plan, allow for unlimited use of services by using a dental network consisting of all DDP affiliated practices. The fees you pay are based on a discounted fee schedule and are due at the time of service.

How much does it cost to become a member of Dupage Dental Plan?

The cost of DuPage Dental Plan is very affordable and can pay for itself in just one preventative visit. The Dental Plan is sold on an annual & monthly membership basis.

Can I cancel my membership after I sign up?

Yes, the membership can be cancelled at any time. Simply visit one of our participating locations and request a plan cancellation form. There is no contractual commitment of any kind with the Dental Plan. If you decide to cancel, the membership dues are non-refundable, and you will begin paying the non-member rates for care beginning the next calendar month after cancellation.

When can I start using the plan?

Your membership is effective immediately upon signup. Just contact us at 630-848-2010 to schedule an appointment.

What am I expected to pay the dentist for dental services?

At the time of service, you are expected to pay the dentists fees based on the Dental Plan’s discounted fee schedule. Of course, two exams, two cleanings, and one set of x-rays are included at no charge with the membership each year.

Who can I include in the plan?

You can include up to 4 members who live at the same address in the Dental Plan. This includes your parents and college students if you are responsible for them.

Where can I use my Dental Plan?

The Dental Plan can be used at any of the in-network locations in the Chicagoland area.

How much can I save using DuPage Dental Plan?

In addition to two exams, two cleanings and one set of x-rays per year, members save up to 30% on all basic and major dental work as well as a 10% discount on services provided by a Specialist. See the full discounted fee schedule for a complete list of dental services and thier associated fees

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